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What is the Maxem Health Discount Program?

The Maxem Health Medical Discount Program is a monthly membership; it is not insurance and may only be used at our participating locations.

The Maxem Health Medical Discount Program is intended for people without insurance or patients that only carry Major Medical Insurance (for In-Patient Coverage only).

Maxem Health cannot be used if you wish to bill your insurance for the care you receive at our locations and cannot be used with any U.S. government plan

What is Covered Under My Membership?

Almost all services provided at our clinics are covered, including X-rays. Your membership DOES NOT cover the following:

  • Prescription Medications
  • DME Equipment (Crutches, Splints, boots, etc)
  • ER/Hospitalizations
  • Immunizations/Vaccines
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Services performed by outside facilities (Specialists, Referrals, lab work done outside of the clinic)
  • DOT Physicals and Drug Screens

Maxem Health Medical Discount Program (PDF)
Maxem Health Medical Discount Creditcard Authorization (PDF)

Medical Discount Program

Security For You

Initial Set-up of $145 (3 installments + office visit + $5 admin fee)
Monthly Membership Fee of $35
Office Visit costs $35
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