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Employers' Services We Offer

Occupational Health

With Workers Compensation Care, our case manager will keep your company up to date:

Faxing copies of workability to you & your insurance company • Initial care and evaluation • Follow-up care • On-site injury prevention

We will also make you aware of any referral to specialists & the results of that visit. You also will be notified when an employee fails to appear for follow-up visits.


Employment Services

  • DOT Drug Screens
  • DOT Examinations
  • Substance abuse, screening, testing & MRO services
  • Return to work examinations
  • On-site education, screenings & flu shots
  • Pulmonary Functions


Employment Physical

Download and print the Employment Physical Form here.


TB Testing


The TB skin test is performed by injecting a small amount of fluid (called tuberculin) into the skin on the lower part of the arm. A person given the tuberculin skin test must return within 48 to 72 hours to have a trained health care worker look for a reaction on the arm.

DOT Physical


The DOT physical exam is a necessary test for any individual hoping to get behind the wheel of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). This examination makes sure that all commercial drivers are up to par in their daily health examinations and are at peak performance. It ensures that you or other CMV drivers are physically able to handle the long hours and stress of operating a commercial vehicle.

Pre-employment Physical


Excludes Additional Testing

A pre-employment physical is a medical exam that employers may require new hires to complete to ensure they're physically or mentally capable of doing a job. ... A pre-employment physical allows companies to evaluate the overall health status of prospective employees so that they can make informed decisions about hiring.